EA updates The Sims FreePlay with the new Dream Homes update

EA has pushed out a new update for their Sims FreePlay title on mobile, officially titled the Dream Homes update. As you are probably guessing from the name of this update, this will allow players to build new homes that feature things like balconies, patios, and basements. In fact the update allows for those of you who consider yourselves master builders to jump into build mode and actually construct much more intricate houses.

Besides now being able to build a home that isn’t basically just a box with rooms, the update introduces Bree the DIY gal who is in town filming a new renovation TV show but this show will feature houses built by player’s sims. As to what the prerequisites are for appearing in this TV show, those haven’t been announced.

Along with all of this, players now also have over 100 additional new items to decorate their new houses with. These items are across the board, from wallpaper to new floral planters, and even a new make-out couch.

This update is now available for both the Google Play version and the Amazon Appstore version.

Amazon Marketplace: The Sims FreePlay (Kindle Fire)

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