Early look at Echoes of Aeons, an upcoming RPG arriving later this year

Alchimia Studios happens to be working on their debut title which is an RPG slated for release on multiple platforms including Android later this year. Their first game is called Echos of Aeons and Alchimia Studios has released a video of an early build of the game showcasing some of the gameplay that will be coming with the game.

Alchimia Studios looks like they will be going through Crescent Moon Games in regards to having Echoes of Aeons published, at least that is what we are guessing considering that it was Crescent Moon Games who announced the early gameplay video on Twitter. Echoes of Aeons will offer up plenty of the standard features you would find in any RPG such as lots of quests to go through and boss fights to handle.

There is also a crafting system in Echoes of Aeons where players will use a combination of gathered ingredients, enemy drops, and vendor purchased items such as herbs, gemstones, and ores. Players will be able to forge “Aeonic Crystals” as well which you can equip for additional stat bonuses and the developers plan to expand the crafting system even more including the addition of hidden ingredients, boss drops, and possibly even more crafting skills.

Echos of Aeons will allow players to customize their character further with a rather interesting skill tree system that they are describing as a combination of Skyrim and World of Warcraft. Combat is done through a slot system where you can create combo attacks and there is also an elemental rune system in place that will unlock more powerful spells during combat.

This game is still heavy in development and Alchimia Studios isn’t planning on releasing Echos of Aeons until later this year sometime in Q4. Until then, we do have some early gameplay footage to check out.

Developer Website: Alchimia Studios

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