Earth and Legend update: Release date announced and… multiplayer?!

It has been a little bit since we posted an update about DvideArt’s upcoming 3D RPG called Earth and Legend. Slated for both iOS and Android platforms, this RPG titles looks to be a serious contender when it comes to great RPGs to play on your Android device.

DvideArts have released new information about Earth and Legend which includes a release date as well as one main new feature that we didn’t even think would come to the game, multiplayer. It won’t be the multiplayer though that you are used to with RPG titles which, essentially, makes them MMORPGs usually. In Earth and Legend there will be an option to play in multiplayer mode over Bluetooth. You will be able to team up with friends and play in co-op in Earth and Legend, gain experience, solve quests and team up to defeat monsters.

When it comes to combat there will be no level restrictions either so after that nice long battle with a boss, if you want to stab your friend in the back who is 10 levels lower than you, go for it. Did we mention you can have a combat enabled pet in multiplayer mode as well, not just single player?

Here is the official description about multiplayer:

Earth And Legend features multiplayer mode as well as single player. Team up with a friend and experience co-op multiplayer over Bluetooth. The multiplayer system allows players to tag team creatures and fight alone side each other while solving quests. There are no level restrictions in multiplayer combat. The multiplayer system automatically divides experience points fair and evenly based on each player’s level and the level of the target creature so players of any level can join together. Also each player can have a pet in multiplayer mode for additional attack damage. Pets with special skills keep all of their abilities and can use them while in multiplayer mode. Multiplayer also uses 3D sound positioning which allow players to hear combat sounds based on distance for added detail. Other game features such as the weather system and the time system both interact with multiplayer mode. Each player experiences the exact same time of day or night and when it rains for one player it rains for all players. Earth And Legend features great levels of detail, even when thunder strikes it flashes for each player at the same time.



You may be asking yourself right now, will it only be Bluetooth? The answer is only at launch. In a future update local WiFi and other features will be included into the game. Perhaps this will turn into almost an MMORPG after all.

The other news is that a release time line has been announced for Earth and Legend and the wait is actually almost over. For iOS, Earth and Legend will be released August 24th while the Android version will hit the market some time in September. No word yet on pricing though.

Developer Website: DvideArts

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