Earth And Legend Update – Two new screenshots released showing off NPCs and weather

Earth and Legend” is a high-definition full 3D RPG coming to many platforms, including Android. As more and more information gets released the game just sounds even better and better. A while back we learned about the day and night cycle, and now we have new pictures of working weather and some NPCs roaming the world.

As stated, their two newest screenshots were originally released on theirĀ Facebook page, but announced through their Twitter account. Once I clicked the link I was pretty blows away. One of the best looking games I have seen for the Android platform has just got even prettier. The first image shows off some rain, some NPCs walking around, and I am not sure why, but even the umbrellas stood out to me.

And secondly, the next image shows off some snow in the mountains during the daytime.

Stayed tuned in for more information and we will keep you posted as we come across anything related to the game. We have reached out to the developer and will see if we can bring you anything in the near future. In case you missed the day and night screenshots that were released earlier, we have included them below.

Developer Website: Dvide Arts


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