Eastpunk: Journey Beta Sets Off With a Rocky Start

feature image for our eastpunk: journey beta news article, the image features anime style promo art for the game of three characters. A bird flies next to the woman with long flowing hair as she holds an instrument up with lanterns floating around her. The other characters are stood in a dark room, while one holds a floating structure.

The Eastpunk: Journey beta begins on March 8 on Google Play – however, it’s only available in certain regions. Players in Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, and the Philippines can access the beta, but there is no confirmation about a global release at the moment. 

How Do I Access the Eastpunk: Journey Beta?

It’s important to note that the game cannot be found on Google Play at this current time, as it will appear once the beta test begins on March 8 in the select regions. A global launch is around the corner though, so it may not be a long wait for those that are interested. 

The New Name

Interestingly, the game is also donning a brand-new name. This is making it pretty confusing for some players as the official Facebook page still has the old name, while posting promotional material with the new name. The URL for the official website also includes the original title “Eastern Odyssey” – which is a problem.

Marketing Issues

Additionally, the official website for Eastpunk: Journey seems to be quite unstable at the moment, making it difficult for new players to find out more information about the game itself. The website includes some useful information about pre-registration rewards, but with the website’s lack of stability right now, it’s hard to know what exactly the pre-registration offers to players.

With the Eastpunk: Journey beta starting tomorrow, it’s in their best interest to fix these small issues as soon as they can. If they want the beta to be successful, they’re going to need to make it clear what the game’s name is, otherwise this will certainly have a knock-on effect. 

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