eFusion Mobile announces their upcoming multiplayer RTS for Android called Genesis

There is a distinct lack of true online multiplayer RTS games for Android. We do have a few good ones though available to us like Hero Mages but there isn’t anything wrong with having more to play. eFusion Mobile is looking to fill that gap with their latest game announced today called Genesis.

In Genesis there will be three playable races you can choose from: Human, Demon and Noah. Each race is completely different from the other, allowing you to choose your favorite theme of race to play whether you enjoy monsters and dragons, robots and hi-tech machines or Sci-fi alien units. Multiplayer will be available for 3v3 battles against other players over Wi-fi, 3G and LTE and all the visuals will be rendered in 3D in HD quality.

Genesis Features:

– Stunning 3D native graphics for Android
– Optimized for Tablets
– HD quality resolution
– Multyplayer support 3vs3 via 3G, LTE or Wi-Fi
– Three playable races: Human, Demon, Noah
– Intuitive touch-panel controls specifically tailored to smartphones
– Countless hours of gameplay

In terms of gameplay, if you have played any RTS game such as StarCraft II or the Command and Conquer series then you’ll be familiar with how Genesis plays out. You’ll have structures you need to build, technology to research and resources to harvest will defending and attacking your opponents. Wipe out all your opponents and you win the game.

As for when you will be able to get your hands on Genesis, eFusion Mobile has stated that it will be released onto Google Play along with all major virtual stores, like Amazon, in Q3 2012. No word on pricing yet. As of right now, it looks like Genesis will be geared towards tablets although it may also make its way onto phones as well.

Developer Website: eFusion Mobile

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