Guess Who’s Crashing Eggy Party? It’s Little Parrot Bebe!

Eggy Party x Little Parrot Bebe crossover

Eggy Party is having a cutesy collab. Or should I say it’s getting a feathered makeover courtesy of Little Parrot Bebe? Get ready to dive into the Eggy Party x Little Parrot Bebe crossover that’s going down till May 30th, 2024.

Ready To Ruffle Some Feathers?

During the Eggy Party x Little Parrot Bebe crossover, you can join in on the Parrot Playtime event. This one lets you snag some exclusive emojis featuring the lovable Bebe once you complete the in-missions. Also, you can grab some more unique items to deck out your Eggies.

The best part about the event is that you won’t be getting any repeats. Yes, you won’t get any duplicate rewards! And the items up for grabs are worth it. The list includes must-haves like the MOCA Backpack, Little Ghost Fan and Thick Eyebrow Glasses.

Last but not least, the Eggy Party x Little Parrot Bebe crossover is introducing the Mini Fan event. It’s spread out over four rounds where you can spin a fan which grants you a random item from a grid. A surprise gift every time! Wondering what all the fun might look like? Take a peek below!

Ever Played Eggy Party?

Developed by NetEase, this casual party game dropped in China in May 2022 and went global in February 2024. It has different modes like parkour, hide and seek and even werewolf hunting. You’re in control of a bunch of cute little Eggies in the quest to be the last one standing.

Eggy Party also lets you create and share your own content. You can dress your Eggy in the coolest outfits and show off by designing stages for the world to see. For the latest updates on the game, head over to their official website or give them a follow on their official X (Twitter) account.

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