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Elderand Looks Like Dead Cells With Hollow Knight Mechanics

Feature image for our Elderand Android news piece. It shows an in-game screen of the main character facing a knight-like boss with a huge broadsword.

The Elderand Android port is on its way, and this in-depth Metroidvania seeks to fill the void in our lives left by the lack of an official Hollow Knight port.

Elderand is the latest from PID Games stable, publisher of titles like ScourgeBringer, Lost Words: Beyond The Page, and Heck Deck.

The game was developed by Mantra and Sinergia Games, and originally released onto Steam in February of this year. It makes the jump over to the best platform soon, with pre-registration open.

In Elderand, you take on the role of a mercenary who takes a job, little knowing that this task would be far beyond their pay grade.

Similar Aesthetic, Different Gameplay

It’s an action metroidvania that looks very reminiscent of the legendary timesink Dead Cells. While the visuals might look similar, don’t dismiss this as a clone. Elderand distinguishes itself without any trouble.

The game is more of a classic Metroidvania, along the lines of Hollow Knight, though with a greater emphasis on weapon changes. You can acquire weapons from enemy drops of merchants, and switch up your combat build on the fly.

Along with the weapons come RPG elements, which let you upgrade your hero’s stats to your liking. You can upgrade your vitality, strength, wisdom, and dexterity to get the build you want. Keep an eye out though, some items might have stat requirements to use.

Jumping, Fighting, Dying

Of course, it would not be Metroidvania without extra skills. There are moves out there that help you traverse the forsaken landscape and reach new areas. Extras jumps and a grappling hook are out there to find, and make getting around much easier.

Of course, there are lots of things standing in your way aside from vertical jumps. Hideous enemies and bosses litter the world, waiting for you to send them back to whatever Lovecraftian nightmare plane they came from. Don’t expect an easy ride.

If this sounds like your speed, your can pre-register for the Elderand Android version now over on Google Play.

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