Electronic Arts Pulls Several Titles From Google Play and other App Stores

With all the stealth skill of Sam Fisher hanging from the rafters in a shroud of darkness, Electronic Arts snuck into your favorite app store and permanently removed several titles from their online catalog with little ruckus, fanfare or announcement. As of September 1st, Electronic Arts has taken down a rather lengthy list of titles.

Although some of the titles were not huge draws, other removals come as quite a surprise. Award winning games such Dead Space, Real Racing and Mass Effect Infiltrator are among the casualties. The move comes as EA prepares to focus on current titles, such as Real Racing 3, and upcoming titles that are in the pipeline. 

For now, users that have already purchased any of the listed games will still be allowed to download them. However, with the all of the brouhaha over 2K’s decision to remove Bioshock from the iOS App Store and users’ personal app libraries (a decision reversed last week after VOCAL complaints), it may be prudent for mobile gamers to consider how digital distribution and modern business models affect their long term “ownership” of content that is purchased digitally. 

Mass Effect Infiltrator is no more

Though EA is not revoking user access in the same manner that 2K did with Bioshock, it is worth pondering over the dynamic of the mobile platform, which unlike traditional game platforms, requires constant updates which often break games. As OS updates are churned out at a rapid rate, it may become untenable for developers to keep older titles up-to-date with the latest iteration of a mobile operating system. It may become a far more common practice to see publishers pull older mobile titles from app stores as revenue streams diminish over time. 

Check out the list below to see which EA mobile games are no longer available for purchase. 

– Bejeweled 2
– Burnout Crash!
– Dead Space
– Don’t Fall Off
– Flight Control
– Flight Control Rocket
– Fly With Me
– Lemonade Tycoon
– Mass Effect Infiltrator
– MMA by EA Sports
– Need for Speed Shift
– Real Racing
– Sims Medieval by EA
– Skate It by EA
– Spore Creatures
– Spore Origins
– SPY Mouse

Source: EA Mobile

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