En Masse Entertainment will be releasing their first mobile game this month called Fruit Attacks

En Masse Entertainment is the company behind publishing a rather big MMORPG for PC called Tera, which you’ve probably heard of. However the company is dipping their toes into the mobile gaming scene as well and their first release is called Fruit Attacks, which will be heading to Android at the end of this month.

Fruit Attacks is an arcade puzzler which features bubble breaking gameplay but with a bit of a twist, the bubbles you have to break are constantly moving towards you. In this game fruit has decided to start invading your planet and the only way to defeat this new evil, yet delicious, threat is with loud music. Using a Sound Amplification Transmission inducer (SATI for short), you will set you to squash all the incoming evil fruit that is heading your way.

Fruit Attack Features:

– Bend it like SATI! Arc your shots for smooth-ie combos
– Plan your combos for optimum damage to beat their sweet attack plans.
– Build and upgrade 6 different SATIs for different situations.
– Harvest 44 mini-SATIs equipped with fire, ice, electricity, and more
– Then garnish SATI’s attacks for fruit flambĂ©, fruit-sicles, and fruit-splosions
– The more fruit attackers you juice, the more upgrades and powers for your SATIs and mini-SATIs.
– Fruit Attackers, their reinforced ships, and hardy bosses to defeat
– More puzzling levels and multiple modes

It is interesting to see a company who publishes a game for PC gamers like Tera go from that to a mobile game like this. However it does look like it can be quite fun to play when you have some time to kill. Fruit Attacks will be available on Google Play and Amazon’s Appstore on July 30th, 2015. When this game does arrive, it’ll be available to download for free with optional IAPs probably showing up as well.

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