Endless runner game, Run Like Hell, gets a Valentine’s Day edition

While lots of games come out with seasonal or holiday special editions, most are pretty standard in terms of what they contain as content. Valentine’s Day usually deals with chocolates, hearts, cupids and things of that nature within games. Run Like Hell: Heart Breaker however celebrates the holiday with a humorous twist to it.

After return from your adventures on the Forsaken Island or in the arctic running away from Yeti, you have come home to relax for a bit, maybe spend some time with your girlfriend since it is Valentine’s Day after all. Heading to the mall to get her a present doesn’t turn out so well for you though since you are so famous and apparently handsome too. In this game you get mobbed by women who you have to run away from as long as possible.

Run Like Hell: Heart Breaker Features:

– Endless gameplay mode
– Collectable hearts that boost your points
– Power ups to help flee the psycho-fan pack
– Easy but fun game mechanics
– Hours of addictive gaming!

While running from your mob of adoring fans, you will be able to collect power-ups to help speed you ahead of the pack and heart to boost your points. You will also have plenty of obstacles to overcome as well. If you get tripped up though it is all over.

It is good to see a bit of a different type of holiday game come out and this one is pretty funny and fun. You can snag Run Like Hell: Heart Breaker off of the Android Market for free.

Developer Website: Mass Creation

Android Market Link: Run Like Hell: Heart Breaker

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