Enjoy Fleet versus Fleet battles in a new RTS for Android called Star Armada

The is a new game out from Dancing Cat Developments called Star Armada which is an RTS (Real-time strategy) game in space where your fleet of ships will be battling it out with the enemy’s fleets. As with any real RTS type of game you’ll be needing resources, bases established and more.

Along with establishing bases and gathering resources, you will also need to research technology to improve your weapons, get different and better ships built before going out and heading after your enemies in a fleet vs fleet style battle. This game is quite in-depth in terms of customization and your units with being able to change up various ship load-outs, customized orders for each ship and they also gain XP through battle, leveling up and gaining access to new gear.


Star Armada Features (extensive):

  • Huge space fleet battles
  • Large randomly generated space maps
  • Randomly generated content
  • Randomly generated AI tactics
  • Multiple ship types including the fearsome Dreadnought
  • Multiple weapon types including missile launchers and laser cannons
  • Ship units have an automatic shield defense system
  • Customize ship weapon load-outs (use different weapon combinations)
  • Customize ship orders (engagement, targeting, damage control, power priority)
  • Ships gain XP points for leveling up to better classes for improved attributes
  • Large variety of ship and weapon GFX & SFX
  • Build energy resource facilities to extract planet energy
  • Build ship generation facilities to build new ships
  • Build ship and weapon research facilities to upgrade and improve your fleet
  • HD quality planets with unique abilities to help your fleet against the enemy
  • Pause / un-pause the game at anytime and still issue ship commands and build facilities
  • Four methods of unit selection (single, multiple, global ship type, squads)
  • Navigable mini-map
  • Zoom in / zoom out of the game world (three levels of zoom)
  • Four levels of game difficulty
  • End-game stats breakdown
  • Save game ability
  • In-depth tutorial
  • Full SD support (install to SD)



Honestly, that has to be one of the biggest list of features we’ve posted so far. A large part of this game is randomly generated from the maps, content within those maps and even the AI opponents and the tactics they use which gives this game a lot of replay value since it will be different each time you play it.

To round it all off it has some pretty solid graphics and a rather good user interface to handle all of this. You can pick up Star Armada on the Android Market for $2.99 and get a serious in-depth RTS fix going if you enjoy these types of games.

Developer Website: Dancing Cat Development

Android Market Link: Star Armada

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