Enjoy Mini-games? Check out Action Puzzle Town by Com2Us, soft launching now on Android

For those who like mini-games, Com2Us has done a soft launch release of a game that’s really a collection of ten mini-games bundled into one title. Despite being a collection mini-games, Action Puzzle Town has a few other features.

For example, players will be able to collect different characters, upgrade items, complete missions, and even check out the “peer ranking system” to see their progress.

The included games are:

1) Lucky Seven Strike: Match 2 blocks of the same color to reach the next level as quickly as possible.
2) Blobbies: Stack 3 blocks of the same color as quickly as possible.
3) Shanghai Pop: Select up to 2 blocks of the same color in a straight line to make them disappear.
4) Left or Right: Tap the left and right buttons depending on the color of the characters.
5) Math Class: Add number blocks so the digit ends in 7.
6) Tap Tap Attack: Tap on the blocks when you see 3 or more of the same color.
7) Match’em: Match cards to clear the space as quickly as possible.
8) Spaceship Ride: Move the bunny through the meteor path as quickly as possible.
9) Dessert Time: Stack three blocks in a row to make them disappear.
10) Memory Metrics: Match pairs of cards.

As noted in the introduction, this is a soft launch that’s beginning in a few (unspecified) countries. While this is happening, Com2Us has opened up pre-registration for everyone. For those opting in, they can receive exclusive in-game rewards, up until the game’s official launch sometime next month. Players have the option to participate in a ten day Facebook event in order to obtain bonus rewards. Action Puzzle Town will be available worldwide as a free download from Google Play in early December.

Official Website: Action Puzzle Town Pre-registration

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