Enjoy classic Space Invaders on your wrist with Invaders for Android Wear

Released by Virtual GS, Invaders is a Space Invaders style game that’s played on an Android Wear smartwatch.  The gameplay is simple, using a single touch to control both firing as well as moving. As the space invaders slowly march downward and fire projectiles, players will tap either side of the watch screen, to both fire and move in that direction.

Repeated tapping will fire more projectiles upward, which you’ll need to do to reach those tough to hit aliens. The scenery is static, and sound requires a Bluetooth headset to be paired with the watch.

Invaders Features:

• Tap to move spaceship and fire.
• Destroy all aliens before they reached ground.
• Spaceship can takes 2 extra hits before destroyed.
• Support devices with square and round screens.
• Put on Bluetooth headset and enjoy the sound effects!

For those of you looking for a little gaming action on your Android Wear watch, Invaders is available to download for free off of Google Play, with no IAPs found.

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