Envizions developing a gaming-based Android tablet as well as the Evo 2 console

We already know about a company called Envizions who happen to be developing the EVO 2 gaming console which will sport a dual-core processor and the Android operating system. Since we’ve reported on it the console has undergone some delays due to adding new features like motion gestures and things of that nature.

Well apparently that isn’t the only Android device Envizions happens to be working on. They appear to be working on an Android tablet called the EVO 2 Pocket DX as well. This tablet will be able to play Envizion custom games as well as Android games. Consider this device a mini-tablet of sorts, measuring in at 4.3″ in size. It will be running Android 2.3 when released and of course will be a WiFi tablet.

It will also come with earplugs, MicroSD slot, a camera (MP unknown right now) and either 4GB or 8GB in storage. Last, but not least, it will be available in black or white. Considering this overall specs, although we don’t know what chip will be inside of it, this device isn’t a bad little unit if you want something just for gaming that fits in your pocket. You can also use this in conjunction with the EVO 2 Android console as well.

Before brushing this off though you may also want to take into account the pricing which will be $79.99. It will be available for order separately or as part of a bundle with the Evo 2 DX console. We have contacted Envizions to find out what chip will be inside and we will post an update when we find out.

Developer Website: Envizions

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