Epic Devs working on trying to get Epic Pirate Story out by February

Epic Devs LLC. are about to unleash their first game and its a Pixal Art game based on Pirates! You will be playing as a pirate and will have to manage your crew and explore islands for treasures while fighting off other pirates and monsters. There looks to be a building aspect to the game as well where you help create different buildings for your Pirate Haven which you can use a a base of operations for resting and regaining lost energy.

Epic Devs LLC were hoping to release Epic Pirate Story on both Android and iOS in February, and the game looks like it is coming along well but still has some bugs to iron out before its ready for the public. Zwetan Letschew, CEO for Epic Devs LLC, said “It is quite an adventure we go through, all that frameworks and languages… We have already started the translations… I can not promise February 2013, but we all try to get there…” 

If you would like more information on Epic Pirate Story, or their new game which is titled Game X and will be a turn-based strategy in a new world setting, click on the link below and check out their website.

Developer Website: Epic Devs LLC

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