Epic Games’s 5-Year-Old Espionage Project Spyjinx Has Emerged from the Shadows

Epic Games, creator of the somewhat successful multiplayer shooter Fortnite, has announced an iOS beta test for mobile espionage game Spyjinx.

Developed in partnership with J. J. Abrams’s Bad Robot, Spyjinx will see players going head to head with other players, building up teams of spies, and raiding opponents’ bases. Naturally that means there will be base-building, along with RPG character development, and more. 

Loot to Kill

Spyjinx was first announced in 2015, but the project appears to have taken a backseat to Fortnite. Now that it’s back on the production line, details have emerged about Spyjinx’s gameplay and probable monetisation model. 

It looks like there will be an energy system governing how much players can move, as well as loot boxes and pretty much all of the features that have made Epic wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. 

While the beta test will initially be iOS-only, an Android version will be along in due course. 

Source: Android Police

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