Era’s Adventure is a game that does not feature Yoshi… really, it doesn’t.

A new 3D adventure game has made its way onto Google Play called Era’s Adventure. Developed by AnDev, this game does not feature the little green dinosaur for Mario called Yoshi. No seriously that isn’t Yoshi, it’s a green dinosaur named Era who could easily pass as Yoshi’s identical twin. It is either that or Yoshi got an identity change at some point.

Either way Era’s Adventure is an interesting 3D adventure game where players will control a green dinosaur name Yoshi… I mean Era… who keeps getting trapped is a variety of worlds and it is your job to get Era out of each trapped world. Players are put into a third-person perspective while controlling Era who is looking for hidden chests in each level that contain secret keys. These keys are used to unlock the way to the next level.

This is not Yoshi

Visually, Era’s Adventure features some solid 3D graphics that also have a bit of a claymation feel to them. Since the perspective is an over-the-shoulder third-person type of view, it does take a moment to get used to controlling your little green dinosaur.

For those of you who happen to be fans of Yoshi and really want to play a game with the little green dinosaur in it but can’t because Nintendo won’t ever bring an official game over to Android, you might want to check out Era’s Adventure. You can pick up a copy of this game off of Google Play for $1.99. There is a free trial version you can download to try the game out before buying the full version.

Google Play Link: Era’s Adventure

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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