Estiman gets into the Valentine’s Day spirit with a new seasonal game mode

Kool2Play has pushed out an update to their estimation based game called Estiman which brings the game into the Valentine’s Day spirit. The update adds a new seasonal game mode for players to check out, all of which still deals with your ability to estimate what your next move should be.

For those of you not familiar with this game, players will be attempting to use their ability to estimate things in order to work their way through, all of which has the goal of trying to remove as many matching items from the play area as possible with each move you make. What you’ll be matching changes with each round. It could be bubbles, it could be different numbers.

The new game mode is just as chill as the original ones. The new play mode contains glittery style Valentine’s Day themed visuals, so in this mode it will be more about matching colors of the glittery crystal hearts. That about as straightforward as it gets.

If you have this game installed, you can grab the update now. For those of you without the game installed, Estiman is available off of Google Play for free.

Google Play: Estiman

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