Everland By Hexage

Hexage has produced some great games such as Totemo, Radiant and of course Booka, are getting geared up to release another title called Everlands. After a bit of a break from releases it is good to see one of the more veteran Android game developer groups releasing another title. Everlands looks to be yet another promising game to add to their resume and to your collection.

Everlands is a turn-based strategy game, similar to Uniwar, in which you control your pieces and defeat the invading army, in this case aliens. Your animals all have unqiue strengths, weakness and abilities to take advantage of in your attempts to defends your land. Graphically the game looks crisp and original and should look pretty damn nice on the HD phones and even the 1st Gen phones.


  • 20 carefully designed levels
  • Single and multiplayer modes
  • Great graphics
  • Numerous tactics and abilities to come up with and combine to defeat your enemy


While not currently available just yet, you can expect to see this game landing on the Android market very soon so keep an eye out for it. This should appeal to just about every time of gamer whether you’re into puzzle, strategy or multiplayer games. Price wise, if they follow the pattern of previous games, you can expect to drop $1.50£ for the full version. Looking forward to getting this title and reviewing it ourselves!

Website Referenced: AndroidGuys

Developer Website: Hexage

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