Stunning Anime Gacha RPG Eversoul Release Date Has Finally Been Confirmed

feature image for our eversoul release date news article, the image features a drawing of some of the anime style characters from the game, as well as a drawing of two characters looking at each other

The Eversoul release date has finally been confirmed. It’s set to release globally on January 5, 2023 – not long to wait! You can pre-register for the game on Google Play, the App Store, and the game’s official website.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, take a look!

Eversoul Release Date Pre-Registration

Now, even though the Eversoul release date is a new announcement, the pre-registration has been available for a while. The game has already met all of the milestone levels, which means you’ll receive exclusive free rewards as soon as the game launches! We’ll go over the pre-registration rewards below:

  • Level 1: 100k Gold, 100k Mana Dust
  • Level 2: 1k Everstone
  • Level 3: Mica and Seeha Lobby Illustration
  • Level 4: Mica (Epic) Soul
  • Level 5: Mica and Seeha Limited Costume

How Does It Play?

There are a variety of characters to collect, from Humans to Angels, and to Demons! With a tactical combat system and a relaxing town-building feature, there are plenty of hours of fun ahead.

The town system is a great little addition to the game, where you can take care of the area alongside your Souls. Assign part-time jobs to your characters, as you clean up any debris found throughout the town. As dusk sets in, fight off hordes of creatures to keep the residents safe!

You play as a hero who is in charge of protecting the world of Eversoul from danger. The characters you collect are Souls, and they each have their own abilities. In typical gacha game fashion, you can assemble a team of powerful Souls. Upgrade their equipment, and their skills, to boost their powers!

Now, it’s not a gacha game without NPC interaction. You can communicate and bond with the Souls you collect. Raise your friendship levels, and go on wholesome trips with them! As you progress through the game, you’ll receive special gifts that you can give to your favourite Souls too.

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