Everyday Spelunker makes the 20 year jump from the NES to Android devices

Retro game fans have something to be happy about today as the NES classic Everyday Spelunker has made the jump from the NES to Android devices today. This is to celebrate the game’s 20 year anniversary and now you will be able to play gaming’s reputed weakest character anytime you want.

For those of you not familiar with this game, Everyday Spelunker has you in control of a little guy while you search for all kinds of legendary treasures in a variety of different caves with plenty of hazards to deal with. While this is the original console game recreated for mobile devices, there also happens to be two new additional episodes available for purchase as well aside from all the original content.

Everyday Spelunker Features:

– Four colossal caves to explore in the Main Game.
– Dynamite blasting, flare launching fun!
– New “rope assist” feature assures no-slip grip on ropes.
– New “endless continues” feature may let you complete the game for the very first time.
– Cart riding, quicksand running fun!
– Episode 2: Deep into Another Mine is available as in-app purchase.
– Episode 3: New Challenges is available as in-app purchase.
– Contains wallpaper and sound options.

If you used to own this game back in the day or are wanting to check out what gaming’s weakest character is all about, Everyday Spelunker is available off of Google Play for $3.99. Additional episodes are available through IAPs in-game.

Google Play Link: Everyday Spelunker

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