Evil Awakening II: Erebus Mobile Launch is Imminent, Pre-Register Now for Rewards

Pre-registrations have begun for Evil Awakening II: Erebus, the hotly anticipated MMORPG from Game Hollywood. Tons of freebies and rewards are up for grabs. 

Already available as a browser title on the Game Hollywood Games platform, Evil Awakening II: Erebus is a hugely acclaimed RPG. The forthcoming mobile version has already won a series of featured slots and recommendations on the Play Store. 

Storywise, Evil Awakening II: Erebus is a classic serving of high fantasy drama. The Demon Monarch has returned from exile in the Abyss, absolutely frothing with rage following his previous defeat. 

And he’s not alone. While stewing in the netherworld, the Demon Monarch assembled an army of abysmal goons, and they’re all out for revenge upon an unsuspecting humanity. 

Only you can save them. No pressure. 

Evil Awakening II: Erebus boasts all the features you’d hope to find in a top tier mobile MMORPG, including base-building, alliances, PvP, PvE, mounts, raids, bosses, and a whole lot more. 

It contains grisly dungeons and formidable bosses, as well as deep tactical gameplay built around forging the right equipment, summoning the right heroes and mounts, and deploying skills at the most opportune moments. 

But, being a mobile game, it also features casual elements like auto-combat and AFK progress. You can level-up and acquire loot without busting a gut, saving your energy for the big showdowns that require your full attention. 

As you work your way through the campaign you’ll also gain new abilities, explore, embark on a series of RPG adventures, build your character, plunder, kill, and generally live it up in a vast and firmly established fantasy universe. 

You can play the browser version of Evil Awakening II: Erebus right now if you like. But that shouldn’t prevent you from pre-registering for the mobile version and claiming those sweet rewards. 

We don’t have a firm release date for Evil Awakening II: Erebus on the Google Play Store, but we have it on good authority that the launch is “imminent”.

To learn more, head to the official Evil Awakening II: Website, Discord, and Facebook

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