Ex-BioWare developers creating Green Throttle’s first internally made game

If you’ve been following the news here recently about all the different types of controllers, peripherals and console type devices coming out that are Android powered, then you probably remember us talking about the Green Throttle controller a few times already. The controller and accompanying application, for those of you who are not familiar with it, basically allows gamers to play Android games on their TVs basically like a console with the big feature being that most of the game are geared towards multiplayer gaming.

When we say multiplayer gaming we are not just talking about online against other people but split-screen at home, so two people could play a racing game for example and race against each other just as if they were playing one on a console. The other interesting fact about Green Throttle was that the company was started by some video game industry veterans and while there is an SDK available for developers to add Green Throttle compatibility to their games, the company itself plans to develop titles for their Green Throttle device as well.

This brings us to today’s news that the first in-house developed game has been announced and is currently being developed by ex-BioWares who founded a new indie studio called Hungry Moose Games. The game is called 9 Lines: Casey and Sphynx which is a puzzle game about a couple of not so bright characters. One is a security guard named Casey while the other is Sphynx who happens to be a stray cat with a bad attitude. Like the name of the game suggests, these two characters will be risking their ‘nine lines’ as they go on archaeological adventure through a museum with the puzzles being set in ancient Egyptian tombs.

9 Lines: Casey and Sphynx can be played alone or, like the point of the entire Green Throttle project, with a friend in co-op mode while sitting on your couch. As for a date when this game will be released, there isn’t anything official just yet. However, it will be a free-to-play game when it is released so it won’t cost you anything to download it if you own a Green Throttle device.

Website Referenced: Android Community

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