Exclusive Sneak Peek At Abduction! 2

Psym Mobile, developer of the popular series of games Abduction! and Abduction! World Attack, recently held a close Beta sign-up for their upcoming game Abduction! 2. Since then word has been kept under wraps about this latest installment into the Abduction! series of games and this new addition is sporting some seriously cool features. Want to know more?

Aside from the four screenshots posted on the developer’s website, Abduction! 2 has remained behind closed doors for some time. With the release date drawing near we thought all you gamers out there would like a sneak peek into this great game.

We won’t go into too much detail as we want to keep some of the excitement going but you can expect to find 4 game modes as well as a Shop feature which will allow you to purchase various things like new levels or different looks to your cow and more! You can earn currency to purchase items in the shop depending on the medal you earn on each level in certain game modes. Also saving animals in these game modes will unlock accessories for you to customize with. There are also other characters you can unlock and use!

Also new is the ability to see where other people rank right in-game as you are playing it. While you are jumping up in a quick game you’ll see the names of people and how high they got. Overall Abduction! 2 offers a whole lot, much more then I’ve even mentioned here so enjoy these screenshots and you can expect a full review shortly!

Developer Website: Psym Mobile

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