Exent to bring gaming-on-demand service, GameTantium to Android devices

Exent will be bringing their gaming-on-demand service, called GameTantium, to Android. This will allow you to play all the games you could want for a free with ad support. It also has a couple of pretty interesting features including continuous play from one device to another so you could be playing on one and switch to another device in the middle of playing.

GameTantium will offer Android gamers the ability to play games for free via ad-support or using a subscription-based business model. According to Exent, they have a catalog of over 1500 quality games to choose from, 100 of which will be available for Android gamers at release with more following. Checking out the partners listings, we do see a lot of big names such as PopCap (Plants vs Zombies, go figure), Konami, Microsoft Game Studios, Ubisoft and much more, shown below.

Other GameTantium Features:

  • The only native Android subscription in the world
  • Seamlessly switch devices with continuous play and saved games/scores
  • Hundreds of certified quality games
  • Video trailers, screenshots, game descriptions and recommendations
  • One cross-device service allows a pay once, play anywhere subscription


We will be giving this service a try and seeing how it works out so expect a review coming shortly. You can check out the official press release below. There is a whole lot of information for developers on their site so if you are interested in having your games on GameTantium, you’ll want to head over there and read up on it all. Expect this to become available sometime in February.

Developer Website: Exent


Exent’s GameTanium Service Enables  Anytime, Anywhere Game Play

The World’s Best Game Service is coming to Android Devices

New York, NY – Jan. 12, 2011 – Gaming is undergoing a paradigm shift as users turn more attention to mobile devices and tablets. These gamers now demand a level of convenience and flexibility traditional consoles or PCs have not been able to deliver. As the leader in powering Games on Demand offerings, Exent announced today the upcoming launch of its

GameTanium™ for Android service. The new service is the first and only Games on Demand offering for Android mobile devices that allow gamers limitless, 24/7 game play with more than 100 Android native games for a flat monthly rate.

With the launch of GameTanium for Android, users will now have unlimited access to top quality Android games with new games added weekly. The experience Exent has at merchandising and monetizing content fills a void in the current marketplace. The service boasts smarter merchandising and programming to help users find the games they want to play. Featured content, recommendations, ratings, and the world’s largest collection of video trailers are among these advanced programming efforts. Exent will select only the best apps to optimize the Android experience.

The integrated offering is the industry’s first native Android subscription service that provides access to hundreds of games for a flat monthly rate.  At its launch in February, the service will be available for a 7-day free trial and can subsequently be billed securely and conveniently through PayPal. The service will be introduced on leading Android mobile phones in February and will roll out on several other platforms and devices, including tablets in early 2011.

“Gamers can finally feed their APPetites with unlimited play of the world’s best games at their fingertips, no matter where they are,” stated Christina Kuzma, CMO of Exent. “We are excited to introduce the GameTanium service on Android.  As we expand multi-platform support, users will be able to enjoy 24/7 gameplay on virtually any device of their choosing.”

With the launch of GameTanium for Android, Exent is merely scratching the surface of its play anywhere vision to power the industry’s first seamless, uninterrupted gaming experience across multiple platforms. Coming in 2011, Exent’s GameTanium™ OnDemand will be enhanced and become the first-of-its-kind integrated gaming service that enables users to start a game on one device and continue it on another, delivering seamless play across multiple platforms.  Gamers will be able to effortlessly switch between their phone, PC, tablet and TV while their games, scores and levels are instantly saved, transferred and carried to the next device. The gamer’s community features including user profiles, customized avatars and prize points will also cross over to the other screens.

Android publishers and developers can learn more about adding their apps to the service by visiting GameTanium will also be showcased at Mobile World Congress from February 14-17 at Hall 4, level 1, stand 4.1HS01.

About Exent

Exent is the leading global market solutions provider for monetization of PC and mobile video games.  Exent delivers technologies and products for various markets, including video game publishers, broadband service providers, consumer portals, consumer electronic manufacturers, media companies, ad agencies, brand owners, retailers and others.

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