Existential Puzzler The Almost Gone Gets a Map Update

The Almost Gone, the existential puzzler from boutique publisher Playdigious, has just been updated with a new minimap feature. 

In case you’ve never encountered it, The Almost Gone sees you playing as a character poised between life and death, searching for answers in order to achieve closure. It takes place in a variety of commonplace environments, such as an apartment, a hospital, and an urban street. 

Like a cross between Monument Valley and Room, The Almost Gone involves exploring a series of beautifully constructed, austerely drawn environments solving puzzles and looking for clues. 

Unfortunately, it seems that players had a tendency to get lost, hence the maps update. The minimap appears as a dynamic button on your UI that you can tap for a bigger map. It’s also now possible to scale up the in-game text, and choose between swipe and tap controls. 

To see these improvements in action, download The Almost Gone right now on the Google Play Store

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