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Exos Heroes is a Gorgeous Gacha RPG with a Massive Following, Out Now

Exos Heroes landed on mobile late last year, but only in Korea. It was a hit, which means it’s earned a ticket to the global app stores – it’s now available to download in 149 countries.

In the very likely case that you haven’t heard of it before, Exos Heroes is a gacha RPG with breathtaking, console-quality visuals.

The gameplay sees you exploring the Exos Continent, a huge fantasy landscape that’s made up of five separate kingdoms. The suitably dramatic high fantasy plot involves the murder of an emporer and the theft of an ancient sword, Exestruk, which is forged from the weapons of legendary warriors. 

Zeon, the hunter, and Iris are dragged into this unfortunate situation, and so take to the skies in an ancient airship, accompanied by a dragon called Bitru, to sort the whole thing out – with extreme prejudice. 

Story is one of the game’s strong suits, with each chapter introducing new characters and twists, keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout. It’s a proper fantasy romp, and the hand-drawn characters models – brought to 3D life with Unity – help to bring it all to life. 

It’s not just them, of course. Exos Heroes has over 200 heroes to summon into your army, all of them beautifully rendered and equipped with their own unique skills and attributes. 

In gameplay terms, meanwhile, Exos Heroes features turn-based combat and a variety of different modes, from mini-games to scenario quests. There’s a Guardian Stone system, too, which introduces a novel ‘breaking’ mechanic. 

Exos Heroes allows you to break an enemy, massively reducing their resilience and leaving them exposed and vulnerable. At which point it’s always fun to ram your point home with an ultimate skill, accompanied by a gloriously over-the-top animation. 

Away from the battlefield you can summon heroes, tweak your team, and chat with other players. Cleverly, these other players can leave ratings for heroes, helping you to decide which ones to equip. 

To celebrate the global release LINE Games is giving all new players 70,000 Gold, 300 Xes, 17 Golden Clocks (equal to 17 Draws value), as well as an exclusive Fatecore for Iris.

Alongside all these freebies there will be a number of in-game Grand Open events, all of them rewarding you every day if you complete various missions.

Exos Heroes is a great-looking gacha RPG with a loyal following in Korea. And now you can join the fun by downloading the game on Google Play and the App Store.  

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