Exploration and Survival in Space is happening ‘Out There’

As Android users eagerly await the release of the hit space game Star Command by Warballoon Games, the game designers at Mi-Clos Studios are diligently working on their new space exploration and survival game ‘Out There’. In ‘Out There’ you play an exiled astronaut who has woken up from cryonics and finds himself stranded ‘Out There’ in unknown space. The main goal of the game is to build a ship and survive long enough to get back to Earth.

The game has a main story line as well and was assisted by Fibre Tigre the French interactive fiction scribe, so you can expect a unique and one-of-a-kind gamebook like adventure, coupled with open world roaming and a rougelike feel. ‘Out There’ is a 2D game and sports some beautiful hand drawn artwork along with featuring an interesting consequence system where each decision has an impact on the game. The game engine will generate planets and stars and celestial bodies from modular elements and should lend to a lot of visual diversity instead of the same visuals each time.

In ‘Out There’ you will have to explore and scan various systems to mine and gather resources in order for you to replenish or power your engines, repair broken parts, and even search for plants to provide oxygen. There is also supposedly crafting aspect where you can craft new parts and upgrade your ship.  Managing you resources will be an important part of the game as some of those consequences that happen are resource based. For example, you probed a distant star system and found a planet that might be rich in minerals for crafting. Do you spend your last amounts of fuel getting there and risk taking damage to your to your ship along the way, and once you get there will your crafting even be successful? Or do you run into a civilization that is hostile and on your way and risk everything?

Yes there are others out there that will either be friendly or hostile depending on the actions you make. If they are friendly you can trade with them for supplies and crafting materials. However, you wont be able to understand the languages at first and will have to make contact repeatedly to learn the language which will slowly give you fragments of the conversation. ‘Out There’ focuses on a main story line as well, so not only do you get the open exploration side of the game, but you will also have plot that will unwind as you play through with 3 distinct endings, each one revealing part of the truth for added replayability.

‘Out There’ by Mi-Clos Studios is slatted to release on Windows, Mac, Android OS, and iOS, although so far no concrete release date has been given. For more information on this up and coming game feel free to check out the website and face book page links below.

Official Website: Out There Game

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