Extended E3: Rusty Hearts, an impressive blend of action and MMORPG genres. Also win a beta key!

Rusty Hearts by Perfect World is a very artistic action/MMORPG game that focuses heavily on the action part when it comes to actual combat. We were waiting on publishing this article so we could give you, our readers, a chance to win beta keys into the closed beta that starts July 27th!

Unlike your typical action MMORPG, Rusty Hearts features brawler style combat gameplay which makes for much more intense combat when running through one of the many dungeons with your party of other players. In your typical MMORPG dungeon, healers stand and spam their heals, DPS dishes out the damage, the warrior tanks and so on which is your general raid format in most games. Of course there are some dungeons in other games where you have to get creative. In Rusty Hearts though, thanks to the brawler style gameplay, the combat is a lot more dynamic and standing around spamming heals will just get you killed. Each dungeon and raid also has various difficulty settings such as you would find in games like World of Warcraft where you can do dungeons in Heroic mode.


Aside from the dungeons you’ll be crawling and raids with other players, there will be various PvP modes to battle it out against other player and customizable personal rooms that are instanced. There are 4 characters to choose from: Fantz, Angela and Tude. There is a fourth unreleased female character who is a ranged/gunner type character named Natasha which we found out after doing some digging but currently she isn’t implemented yet in the game and is being labeled as a secret character for now. All characters can be customized with specific jobs so just because you see two Fantz running around doesn’t mean they are the same.

When not pillaging dungeons and going on raids to take down some seriously hard bosses you will be picking up quests in towns, crafting/buying items and gear, personalizing your room, meeting other player and pretty much all the other activities you would find in an MMORPG. We are not sure how vast the persistent world is outside of the dungeons and raids are though as it wasn’t played during our meeting at E3.

One thing that really stands out with Rusty Hearts aside from the unique type of game that it is are the graphics. The visuals are anime inspired but have a real artistic flare to them which is a bit of a breath of fresh air when it comes to MMORPGs these days as most focus on being as 3D as possible with high detail. Rusty Hearts, while being 3D and highly detailed, takes a step off the main road and brings a more anime touch to the graphics but in a very artistic way to give it a unique flavor that you don’t see very often in a MMORPG.


Last but not least is Game controller support. For those of you who enjoy console gaming or at least using a controller to play your PC games with, such as an XBox controller, Rusty Hearts supports both controllers and standard keyboard/mouse play options. So PC gamers used to the keyboard and mouse, such as myself, can use those while console gamers can user their controllers.

Please Note: This is a PC-based game but you could use something like Splashtop Remote and play it on your Android device although I would highly recommend using a Honeycomb tablet but Splashtop Remote can be used with most new Android devices.

So now that we’ve covered what Rusty Hearts is and now that you know the Closed Beta starts July 27th, you are probably wondering how you can get in. Well you can try and sign up for the closed beta over on the Rusty Hearts site but there are no guarantees you will get in. That’s alright though because we have a few of you covered!

Two ways to win a Rusty Hearts Beta Key:

1) Like us on Facebook and leave a comment under this article on Facebook as to why you would love to have a Rusty Hearts beta key.

2) Leave a comment below telling us why you want a Rusty Hearts beta key.

We have 13 keys to give away so 7 will be on Facebook and 6 will be below in the comments. Why 13? Because me and MamaDroid are snagging two for ourselves so we can play with the winners in the closed beta! This giveaway starts today (right now!) and ends Friday July 15th at 12:00pm PST. Good luck and enjoy the trailer for Rusty Hearts below!

Official Website: Rusty Hearts

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