Fable III coming to Android! Well..sort of..

Fable III is set to release soon and while the game itself already has a ridiculous amount of hyper already and the developers, Lionhead, are not satisfied just yet. Titled Fable III: Kingmaker, the game is an Augmented Reality game which will turn your town or city in one “big online battle” at anytime, anywhere when loaded onto your phone.

While battling it out with everyone else you will also be able to collect gold in the real world which you will then be able to use in the actual console game. That is a pretty great idea and I bet we will see more of this multi-device gaming coming our way in the future with more major titles.

“Fable III: Kingmaker brings gaming out of the home and turns your town or city into the setting for an epic online battle,” said Microsoft’s interactive entertainment boss Chris Lewis who further went on to describe the game as “an innovative geo-location mobile gaming experience”.

While console/PC game utility apps are actually fairly common they are usually not Augmented Reality games nor are they games where what you collect while playing them on your mobile device will actually be usable inside the console game. Most are actually things like World of Warcraft skill trees or deal with auction houses.

The big surprise though is that Lionhead’s parent company Microsoft isn’t restricting this game to the XBOX linked Windows Mobile 7 OS but instead will be making this available to every major mobile platform including Android! Judging from the trailer which you can watch below it looks like you can also claim places, sort of like a check-in application.

If you plan to play Fable III when it is released then this game is pretty much mandatory for you to get so you can earn yourself some extra gold. It’ll be available October 4th, 2010 on the Android market for free.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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