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Fable Valley is a Mobile MMORPG Out Now on Android

Fable Valley is a brand new mobile MMORPG that you can grab right now on Android. We wish there was a specific feature we could highlight, but it appears to be pretty standard stuff.

It ticks all of the boxes: anime visuals? Check. Dungeons? Check. PvP? Check. There’s even the weirder side of anime MMORPGs like a wedding system. Check, check, check.

Fable Valley Features a Robust Character Customisation System

However, if you like all that stuff, this might have really excited you. If so, that’s cool – we’re not judging.

Maybe we’re being harsh. There is a pretty robust character customisation system that lets you create a character in your own image.

It’s also very friendly to players who like to play MMORPGs solo, providing you with alternate modes for content you traditionally need to play with others.

So why not go ahead and check out Fable Valley right now on Google Play. It just might end up being everything you’ve been looking for.

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