Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy gets a mobile remake and is now available for download

Fahrenheit Android

Originally released about a decade back, Fahrenheit is “interactive narrative” that was originally known in North America as the Indigo Prophecy. At the time, the game was cross-platform, running on XBox, PS2, Mac, PC, and Linux. The game utilizes a heavy cinematic approach with a branching storyline, so there is lots to look at.

Players will assume the role of Lucas Kane in Fahrenheit, who starts out the game by being possessed and compelled to stab a person to death. As he attempts to move past this horror, he begins to hallucinate and seeks the help of a medium. From there, the story picks up with other murders happening and police pursuit, all racing towards one of three endings. The release for mobile brings with it a visual face-lift, with updating the textures, touch controls, and the option to toggle between the new look and the original on the fly.

Fahrenheit Features:

– Interactive Drama: An intuitive control scheme and spectacular split-screen presentation complement the game’s mysterious noir narrative.
– Extensive Replayability: With branching dialog and multiple endings, each playthrough of the game yields a different outcome.
– Multiple Characters: Take control of the narrative through four different playable characters, each illuminating a different perspective of the story.
– Fully Voiced Script: Every line from the extensive script is voiced by professional actors in English, French, German, and Spanish*.
– Cinematic Score: Fahrenheit features a fully orchestrated [check] score composed by Angelo Badalamenti, famous for his extensive work with director David Lynch.

Also, this game is the uncut and uncensored international version, and also comes with controller support, which will make quite a few people happy. Hopefully, Android support is there, or will be there soon. The game is available from Google Play for a flat $9.99.

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