Fairy Cubes now available for Android. 3D fantasy-style Mahjong game with fairies.

Fans of Mahjong-style games have a new one to considering purchasing now called Fairy Cubes. Made using Unity3D, Fairy Cubes is a fantasy themed Mahjong-style game where you can rotate the field and remove pieces until you complete the puzzle. In caste you are curious, yes there are fairies in the game, well one anyways.

All the controls are touchscreen of course and you can rotate the cube in any direction to find matching pieces to remove. As you progress through the game, the puzzles get more challenging. We are sure a lot of people who like Mahjong-style games have seen similar ones out already.


  • 45 levels
  • Great 3D graphics done using Unity3D
  • Power-ups
  • Custom soundtrack and graphical effects



Here is the hard bit of news to swallow though. This game isn’t available on the Android Market or the Amazon App Store. It seems that Artex Studios is selling this themselves and even though you can pay using PayPal, generally speaking, Android gamers don’t seem too thrilled about using outside marketplaces. Artex Studios is using their own webstore, similar to Gameloft, however there isn’t much information it seems regarding any sort of DRM policy on the site.

You can pick up Fairy cubes for Android right now for $2.99 off the developer’s website.

Developer Website: Artex Studios

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