Falling Ball

In the pursuit of finding more games with the ability to just pick up and play more as a quick time kill than anything else I stumbled onto Falling Ball, developed by Reverie Game. Falling Ball is a game where you control a stickman via the accelerometer and dodge bouncing balls. As the game progresses, more balls come into play with different bouncing patterns.

Falling Ball is one of those games where you can just pick it up and play when you have a few minutes of free time but don’t feel like getting into anything too serious. You can pause your game at any point and return to it when you have some more free time so it’s one big survival mode game.

You control your stickman by tilting your phone left or right, dodging the balls that are bouncing around the screen for as long as you can until one hits you and then it’s game over. The animation of both the balls bouncing and the stickman running are quite smooth and the controls seem to work fine and react quickly. This game also sports a unique feature, the ability to use your own background (from a photo or whatever off the SD Card).


  • Simple pick up and play style of game
  • Good animation
  • Turn on/off sound to improve gameplay
  • Change background to whatever you like


Overall, while simple in nature, Falling Ball gives Android users one more game to play when they have a few minutes to kill and while it is a simple game, the need to beat your own time give this game a lot of replay value as well as a fairly addictive nature. It certainly gets a lot harder the more balls you have bouncing around the screen and who doesn’t like stickman games? You can pick up Falling Ball off the Android market for free (ad supported) right now.

Developer Website: N/A

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