Fallout Shelter Online is Now Available in South-East Asia

Fallout Shelter Online, the sequel to the popular post-apocalyptic bunker management sim Fallout Shelter, is now available throughout South-East Asia – that’s in addition to China, Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, where it was already available.

Developed by GaeaMobile, Fallout Shelter Online sees you recruiting heroes from the Fallout series to live and work in your giant radiation-proof shelter. You’ll also explore the barren atomic wasteland, and kill bad guys.

Fallout Shelter Online is similar to Fallout Shelter, in that it involves becoming an overseer and looking after your fellow survivors, but it has a couple of major differences. Firstly, it has a plot, and secondly there are online battles. 

We’re not entirely sure when the Western launch will happen, but in the meantime you can download Fallout Shelter Online right now if you happen to live in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, or Japan.

Or if you have a workaround.

Source: Mobile Mode Gaming

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