Fans of pinball should check out the trailer for PinOut, coming soon to Android

Fans of pinball should take a look at this game, as it’s a new spin on the classic concept. Dubbed PinOut, this game plays like pinball does, with the flippers, ramps, controls, etc, only in this case there isn’t a machine with a backbox at the far end.

Pinout is the creation of the brilliant game developers Mediocre. Mediocre has a way of taking wildly different ideas, and putting them into what turns out to be immensely enjoyable games. We are pretty sure you have at least heard of the games they have created such as: Granny Smith, Smash Hit, Does Not Commute, Sprinkle and DIRAC (Which has recently be renamed to Beyondium).

In their latest game, they tackle the much-honored and revered game of pinball. You will still be dealing with flippers, ramps, controls and components like that, but there isn’t a backbox at the end. Instead, there are levels that one must navigate the ball through to the end. There are also the pulsing lights and minigames, that one would normally expect in playing pinball. There are different obstacles in each of the game’s eight levels that must be navigated around, with the score being pegged to how deep in the game players manage to go.

The ball is kicked out at the start of a level, and players will control flippers at various points in the level, to move it through to the end. Should the ball fall down the drain, players will lose progress, and risk not completing the level before the timer runs out. The game is set to release before the end of the year. Mediocre has indicated that it will be free to play, and will contain a single in-app purchase, which will allow you to unlock the game. You will be able to buy the game for $2.99. To see more of the game in action, check out the trailer below. 


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