Fantasy Earth Genesis is the Latest MMORPG by Asobimo, Out Now on Android

Asobimo has just released its latest MMORPG on Android, Fantasy Earth Genesis, which focuses on huge battles between alliances.

You’ll select an alliance and battle to expand its territory. To achieve this, you’ll duke it out in large-scale 50vs50 PvP battles.

Fantasy Earth Genesis Features Large-scale PvP Warfare

To help gain an advantage over your opponents you can summon huge monsters that will distract your enemies long enough for you to gain territory.

There are three different alliances to choose from, including Iwelsin, Adyelville, and Chemdav.

Each alliance has its own series of heroes to play as. Iwelsin gets sword-wielding Hart, magic user Flos, and two-handed axe wielder Aspida.

Adyelville gets two sword wielders in Astrea and Xeno and the half elf Liv, while Chemdav features sniper Belial, pet user Regulus, and fist user Laohu.

You can grab Fantasy Earth Genesis right now on Google Play, so go ahead and do that and choose your alliance.

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