Farm Simulator 14 gets an official trailer and still slated to arrive next week

We’ve talked a few times already about the hardcore farming simulator that is making its way to Android in the near future called Farm Simulator 14 and now it looks like we finally get to take a peek at how this game will look on mobile devices. This is thanks to a new trailer that the company behind the game has released.

For those of you unfamiliar with this game, Farm Simulator 14 is a hardcore farming simulator has players doing a multitude of activities included things like sowing seeds with your tractor, growing your crops and eventually harvesting them, selling those crops for money and so on. You’ll have plenty of tractors and other farm equipment at your disposal as well. In fact this installment into the series features almost double the amount of equipment available for use over its older brethren.

Another interesting feature about this game is that there will actually be multiplayer. It will be an open world multiplayer where you and your friends can play together through Wifi or local Bluetooth.

Farm Simulator 14 is still slated for release next week on November 18th, 2013. We still don’t know how much this will cost when it launches but at least we have a new trailer we can check out.

Official Website: Farm Simulator

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