Old School Strategy RPG Fate Fantasy Available Now

Feature image for our Fate Fantasy soft release news piece. It shows the protagonist of Fate Fantasy standing with a sword surrounded by impressions of other characters set onto large cards around him.

Free-to-play strategy RPG Fate Fantasy has soft-released onto Google Play this week, without a lot of fanfare. If you’ve spent any time gaming on the platform, you’ve probably seen a hundred strategy RPGs come out by now. So, what is this particular game all about?

The RPG comes from Loongcheer Game, prolific mobile game developers who have brought titles like Tiny Pixel Knight and Adelamyth to Android.

Gods And Conspiracies

Fate Fantasy takes place in a world created by a Goddess known as Rosa. All wasn’t well in this fantasy land, however, and the benevolent deity seemingly sacrificed herself to protect the world from a malicious evil God.

Many centuries have passed since this world-rocking conflict, and most people seem to have forgotten about the Goddess entirely, though the story implies this might not be an accident.

The gameplay might be familiar if you’ve ever played an entry in the Langrisser series.

A Langrisser-like?

Characters in your squad can move around and attack in a grid format, and monsters will do the same. Characters can be upgraded, and it’s possible to swap out their loadout or career to change the way they approach a battle. Different weapons bring different special skills to the table.

Terrain will also affect how battles play out, so you need to pay attention to your surroundings to get the most out of combat.

The game comes with some idle aspects, with heroes pursuing bounties when you’re away from the game. It also comes with some PVP modes if you’re more into the competitive side of play.

In addition, Fate Fantasy comes with a handful of mini-games to wind down after a long day of bashing monsters on the head.

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