PFG – Age of Conquest: Europe

If you enjoy strategy games in the style of Risk then you’ll enjoy Age of Conquest: Europe from Noble Master Games. Also called “Aevum Obscurum” originally for it’s online PC version, Age of Conquest: Europe is a turn-based strategy game where you lead your kingdom to viciously take over Europe to rule with an iron fist (or unite Europe in peace and harmony depending on how you look at it).

There is a Lite version for anyone to try for Free before you decide to jump head-first into this and buy the full version which retails for $4.99 on the Android Market.

The benefits of the full versions include:

  • multiple scenarios to play
  • over 30-50 empires to choose from
  • play any of the empires
  • conquer the whole map
  • god mode option (see everything)
  • random placement option
  • random fill option
  • improved AI (multiple settings)

Also available under the same series of games is Age of Conquest: N. America, S. America, Asia, and Africa, all with unique scenarios and history based scenarios (civil war scenarios for N. America, etc etc), different difficulty levels, maps and various other options. There is a whole lot of replay value with this game. Updates include more scenarios and multiplayer is planned for the future. There are also plenty of instructions so you won’t be left out in the cold when trying to figure out what to do and also a tutorial ‘campaign’ to learn the ropes.

There aren’t too many games out there that are strategy turn-based for Android but out of all of the ones that are available, this is one of the best. The rest of this series is just as good as Europe so if you finish Europe you’ll have more places to rule like a god.


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