Fed Up of Google Play’s Geo-Restriction and, Expensive IAPs? Aptoide App Store Offers a Solution

We’ve all been there: a brand new game hits Google Play and you rush over to download it in a haze of excitement only to find out that it hasn’t launched in your territory. To bypass that, you’ve then either got to fiddle around with a VPN or simply sit and hope that it eventually launches.

Fortunately, there is a solution: Aptoide App Store. This independent Android store offers many of the same games you’re playing already, but without the geo-restrictions. The best part? Aptoide actively rewards players that invest in their favorite games each time they make an IAP! 

When making a purchase, users can get up to 30% back as AppCoins Credits. AppCoins are Aptoide’s cryptocurrency, AppCoins Credits are the tokens you earn, which you can spend on further IAPs in your favorite games. 

Here’s how it all works in bullet point form:

  • Download Aptoide on your Android phone from the official site.
  • Install your favorite game from one of these three bundles:
    • Featured AppCoins Apps
    • Use Your AppCoins
    • Earn AppCoins Credits (these ones will give you a reward just for playing them for 2 minutes!)
  • Download the AppCoins Wallet, where your AppCoins Credits will be stored.
  • Make a purchase in your favorite game as usual and check the bonus you’ll get!

If you currently play any of the games that Aptoide supports – which so far includes Lords Mobile, Era of Celestials, Family Farm, and Legacy of Discord amongst many more – you can pick up right where you left off. Simply uninstall the Google Play version of the game and download it again from Aptoide. 

If you’d like to learn more about AppCoins and AppCoins Credits, you can check out the official break down right here. 

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