Fend off Rita Repulsa’s attempt at conquest in Power Ranger: Legacy Wars, coming soon to Android

As is becoming the standard with movies that are slated to be blockbusters, the upcoming Power Rangers movie is set to have a mobile game ready to play that utilizes the same characters.

Developed by nWay and dubbed Power Rangers; Legacy Wars, this will be a real time PvP fighting game that utilizes the new Rangers from the movie, but also pulls legacy characters in to the game as well.

The backstory for this game will center around the one space witch Rita Repulsa, who apparently is successful in manipulating the Morphin’ Grid, in order to get it to create virtual monsters that do her bidding, as well as a form of counterfeit Rangers that will also align with her. Because of this, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars will include combat between Power Rangers (new and classic), not just Rangers vs villains.

Players are set to receive special powers from Zordon, as well as the ability to assemble their own, unique team that is comprised of both heroes and villains. The game is slated to release in March of 2017, so that isn’t far off. No details on how the game actually plays have been released yet, so we don’t know if there will be virtual buttons, swipes and other gestures like Mortal Kombat X, or even controller support.

With this game being PvP, a constant internet connection will likely be required. Another likelihood will be pricing. Looking at nWay’s home page, they do advertise themselves as developers of free to play mobile games, so I’m expecting In App Purchasing for consumables in this one. Fans can sign up with their email addresses to be notified of news/events/promotions/etc by clicking on this link, and you can enjoy the trailer below.


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