Fend off waves of alien invaders in Galaga Wars, now out on Google Play

Now available globally, Galaga Wars is a new take on the old classic. In this game, players will again be piloting a star fighter, and seeking to fend off alien invaders. The game plays much like the original, though the graphics have gotten a serious facelift, so rather than look legitimately retro, Galaga Wars has a cleaner and more updated look.

Players will drag their star fighter around the screen with their finger, and it will fire automatically. Should players lift their finger up, the game will pause itself until the player touches the screen again. Coins are dropped by the aliens as they’re blowing up, which you can collect and can be used on upgrades to your ship. Regarding the ships, players can purchase ones that fire a shotgun, or have dual cannons, lay mines, or even a single, exploding shot.

Galaga Wars Features:

● The authentic retro, sci-fi experience returns for Galaga’s 35th Anniversary
● Weave through endless waves of original enemies, including the Bee, Butterfly, Scorpion and a many more.
● Evade the treacherous tractor beam of Mother Galaga in battle against the huge alien boss!
● Play as Galaga fighter, as well as other legendary Namco starshipsincluding Xevious, Galaxian, Star Blade and many more.
● Double your firepower by rescuing captured friends ships and merging into twin mode
● Enhance your space-faring abilities by upgrading and levelling up your craft.
● Blast through alien waves with 4 unique abilities per ship including laser, explosive shot, space mines, ghost shield and more.

Galaga Wars is available for free from Google Play. The game includes both static and video ads (though the latter are optional, and for gaining more coins, as far as I could tell), as well as optional IAPs. These IAPs are for extra ships (including Xevious and Galaxian, among others) and coin multipliers, and purchasing any of those IAPs will remove static advertising from the game. Interested players can check out the link below to download the game.

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