[Update: More Details] FFG will be bringing a Netrunners RPG to mobile devices next year

Set to be released by Legacy Games, Fantasy Flight Games’ Android: Netrunner is coming to Android. The difference is, it won’t be a virtual card game, but is instead going to be an RPG set within the Netrunners universe. Legacy Games didn’t want to simply digitize the card game, but create something different for the franchise.

Update: October 26th, 2015 11:22am PST: Legacy Games contacted us to clarify one point about this upcoming mobile game. The company wanted to make sure it was clear that while this game takes place in the Android Universe, there is no connection at all to the Android: Netrunner card game. It is not a port or recreation of the card game but a totally new game with unique gameplay while also including characters and locations from the Android Universe’s extensive lore. Here is their statement about the whole thing:

While the game that we’re currently developing takes place in the Android Universe, our game has no connection whatsoever to the Android: Netrunner card game. Our game is not a port, recreation or reimagining of Android: Netrunner but instead, features completely unique gameplay that includes some characters and locations from the Android Universe’s extensive lore, which includes board games, novels, and the recently announced “Worlds of Android” art and background book. – Legacy Games

Within the RPG, players will assume the role of one of the eponymous netrunners, so instead of playing a card that either successfully hacks (or doesn’t), your character will actually make the attempt. Players will still be trying to work around Ice and other protocols, while leveling up skills in order to better steal (and later sell) data. The game’s artwork will have two foci, one being New Angeles for the real world, and the other being the virtual world.

The story is going to be written by the same gal who wrote 80 Days, so it should be well done in that regard.The game is slated to be free to play, and Legacy Games will offer virtual currency for players that want to go beyond what they can earn in game, only what can be bought is for upgrading or aiding their social group, not just their individual character. As an aside, I find that idea interesting, and I’m hopeful that it can work. The developers are looking to avoid the “pay-to-win” criticism, and I think that’s a move in the right direction.

The game is set to arrive next year. I, for one, am looking forward to it. When more details are released, we will be sure to post an update. Additional screenshots below.

Website Referenced: VentureBeat

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