FGO Celebrates Sixth Anniversary With A Trailer, Special Summons, And A Multi-Part Campaign

Feature image for our FGO anniversary news. It shows an animated promo still of an anime character with pink bobbed hair and glasses smiling toward the viewer.

It’s time to celebrate. The FGO Anniversary celebrations kick off today, and the RPG seems keen to make it memorable. The game kicks off its sixth year live in the North American region, an impressive figure in the world of gacha gaming, and there’s a lot on to commemorate this birthday party.

First, we’ll get to the cold hard gacha stats in case that’s what you’re here for.

All About The Gacha

There’s a sixth-anniversary pickup summon Koyanskaya Of Light. During the event, you can get a guaranteed summon. One SSR servant is guaranteed. There’s also a special summon that gives you a one-time-only pick of the SSR servants.

Along with the pulls, you’ll find an eight-part anniversary-themed campaign to work through, and part 14 of the servant rank-up quest.

There is even a three-and-a-half-minute animated trailer to enjoy, featuring some familiar faces and reminiscing on past victories.

Fate Grand Order, or FGO ,is a turn-based gacha RPG that runs a card-based battling system, where characters have a hand of cards that they can use freely on their turn and that recharge after a certain number of turns.

Fighting And Talking

It’s not all about fighting though. The game also leans heavily on the visual novel genre, with the protagonist interacting with various characters and making dialogue choices that determine how the interaction progresses.

You may make a good impression on the people working and fighting for you, you might come across as a complete jerk. The choice is yours.

Interested in getting in on the FGO anniversary celebrations? Then you can stop by the event’s official website and follow the convenient links to the draws that interest you. We’ve also popped the trailer below if you want to take a quick watch.

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