Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is Out Now on Android with Mixed Reviews

Square Enix has released Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles as a free-to-start title on the Google Play Store. 

Originally released in 2003, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a classic RPG in which you travel in a caravan of adventurers collecting fuel for crystals to fend off the Miasma. Among its main selling points at the time was multiplayer for up to four players. 

Unfortunately, the port hasn’t scored the universal acclaim that a title of this vintage deserves, with Android users complaining of glitchy performance, shoddy controls, and incomplete multiplayer. 

It’s entirely possible that these are just teething troubles, but in any case you can see for yourself before shelling out any money. You can play an entire in-game year for free, in multiplayer as well as single player. 

After that you’ll need to shell out. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is available right now on the Google Play Store

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