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Closed Beta Opens For Final Fantasy Ever Crisis After Several Months Delay

Feature image for our Ever Crisis beta news piece. It shows a battle screen with the character Aerith facing off against a giant robot.

The day is here. The long-awaited, long-delayed Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis beta has arrived.

It’s Android-only, sorry Apple fans. Unfortunately, it’s also a closed beta only available for players in Canada, Japan, and the USA, so we’re also going to have to wait for the general release to play.

Ever Crisis is a trip back to the world of Final Fantasy VII, one of the most beloved games of the already beloved series.

A Long Wait

The news of the closed beta came back all the way back in Summer 2022, with a view to a Winter launch. Unfortunately, the beta wasn’t quite cooked by the time the date rolled around.

Square Enix pushed the beta back to Summer 2023, and it seems like the patient testers can finally get their hands on the gameplay.

So what’s Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis all about? Ever Crisis is a return to the Final Fantasy VII universe. It covers some of the OG game, remade with shinier visuals.

Yes, I know, an FFVII remake is not exactly a new concept, but hear me out.

An FFVII Remake, No Not That One

Ever Crisis keeps more to the format of the original title. You have cute little on-map sprites, fixed camera angles, pop-up text boxes with dialogue in, and portraits of the speaker. The full PSX-style RPG experience with some modern-day polish.

Ever Crisis also takes us on a trip outside of the stories we’ve heard before. Some of the chapters look set to cover content that only gamers in Japan got the first time around.

There’s also some never-before-seen content exploring the past of the silver-haired, sword-wielding madman Sephiroth.

If you’ve not already on the Ever Crisis beta, you might’ve missed the boat for now, but all isn’t lost. You can pre-register now via Google Play to get notified as soon as it’s available in your region.

If you want something to play while you wait, you can always check out our best new Android games this week feature.

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