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Final Fantasy V: Pixel Remaster Out Now for Android

At the end of last month, we told you that Final Fantasy V: Pixel Remaster was set to land on the Play Store in November. And now it has. We’re basically soothsayers. Basically.

The game is the fifth of six Pixel Remasters. They’re basically polished up versions of the original Final Fantasy games, with slightly tweaked pixel graphics and new interfaces to make them more palatable to modern audiences.

As with the other games in the series, this one features tweaked touchscreen interfaces, a newly rearranged soundtrack and auto-battle options. Trailer time.

The game also features some supplementary extras like a bestiary, an illustration gallery and a soundtrack player. So that’s pretty cool if you like looking at and / or listening to things.

Final Fantasy V: Pixel Remaster is a premium release and you can click here to download it from the Play Store. It’ll set you back $17.99, and that’s a one-off, up-front payment. There are no IAPs.

There’s one more Pixel Remaster on the way – Final Fantasy VI, surprisingly enough – and we’ll keep you updated when we hear more about its upcoming release.

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