Chocobos And New Characters Feature In Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Announcements

Feature image for our news piece on new Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis announcements. It shows three new characters in SOLDIER uniform.

Square Enix continues to show small snippets of tantalizing information about their upcoming RPG. Two of the newest Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis announcements have been about new stories and Chocobos.

Players of the original title will either remember the Chocobos and Chocobo farming. You’ll either remember it as an adorable distraction from the high-stakes action of the game, or you’ll remember it for the racing grindfest to breed the gold Chocobo and get Knights Of The Round. All those hours…

Finally, Chocobos Are Bringing Items To You

Ever Crisis brings back the Chocobos, though these big birds have a different mechanic this time around. Chocobo Expeditions lets you send a Chocobo and a character off into the world.

The duo will be away for a certain amount of time, and once the time has elapsed, they’ll come back with XP and items, without any input from you.

So, you can send your big birdies off on an adventure, sign off, and come back the next day to see what they found.

That’s not all of the interesting upcoming content, though.


As well as providing some of the greatest hits of stories from the Final Fantasy VII family, there’s new stuff too. An original story follows a group of the Shinra Electric Power Company’s elite SOLDIER unit, who crash down on an island far South of Midgar.

These SOLDIERs soon encounter more than they bargained for, as events pull them into the path of a certain famed SOLDIER hero, one who would one day become infamous for his deeds. We don’t need to try too hard to work out who that is.

Fire up by the Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis announcements? Interested in checking it out for yourself? You can pre-register now via Google Play to unlock some special rewards when the full release rolls around on September 7th.

Want something to play until then? Check out our feature on the best new Android games this week for a bit of inspiration.

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